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Please download and install following the numbered order.

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Wingames-1, 2 is virus free.)

1) Flash and Shockwave 3D
2) DOSBox
3) Wingames-1
4) Wingames-2


After you have downloaded Wingames
please check the following web sites for more Freeware Games:

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Android Apps and Games




>> New Tab New Window

>> Shortcuts for GOOGLE - All your Google services under one button > Settings

>> Editable bookmark button - Customizible Toolbar Bookmark Button

>> Silhouette Bookmark Button - Customizible Toolbar Bookmark Button

>> Create Link - Copy current page [address >AND< Title] to clipboard

>> Change Colors - Change default colors of Chrome [background color, fonts color etc.]
> > > > Instructions: after adding this extension, change it's options then
> > > > click it's icon on the Chrome toolbar to activate on current page

>> AddToAny - Share to your own Email, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Services

>> Adblock - plus

>> Scroll UP to the top of any website

>> Go UP ONE DIRECTORY in web address

>> Rescroller - Completely customize Chrome scroll bars [size, color, even images] > Settings

>> Simple + Select = Search - Add multiple search engines in context menu > Settings

>> ImageZoomer

>> Convert Case Menu - right click to convert text between lower, UPPER, Sentence, Capitalized and aLtErNaTiNg cAsEs

>> Pocket - Access YOUR FAVORITE websites anywhere and everywhere

>> Project Naptha - Copy, Search and Translate photo text of any photo or infographic

>> YouTube video Downloader - paste YouTube video address then download

>> Send from Gmail - Makes Gmail your default email + provides a button to quickly share a link via email

>> Magic Actions for YouTube - Customize YouTube any way you like

>> EasyVoice Search - search with your voice

>> Speech Pad - Online speech recognition - International language support including greek

>> .URL Handler - An extension to handle .url files if they open on in Chrome as plain text>>

>> Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page Replacement with 3D Speed Dial and predefined images, sync and organize your bookmarks, groups, and most visited

>> Session Manager - Save sessions of ALL your opened tabs and windows, and quickly reopen them

>> Alarm Me! - Alarm with tons of options and desktop notifications



>> MoreSearchContextMenu - Add multiple search engines in context menu > Settings

>> Toolbar Buttons - A button pack for Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird

>> Easy YouTube Video Downloader

>> YouTube Video and Audio Downloader [Separates the downloads to video only and audio only]

>> Pocket (formerly Read It Later) - Access websites and media everywhere, including most internet browsers




Online Applications that DO NOT need installation





>> AVG [Free Antivirus - Windows 7/8 only.. Windows 10 comes preinstalled with it's own Microsoft Antivirus]

>> Unchecky [automatically unchecks unrelated offers, making it less likely to miss a checkbox of an unwanted offer]

>> Clipboard History Lite download (free) [Access the clipboard and it's history from the Windows System Tray] Mirror

>> Send To.. Toys [Customize Windows Send to Menu]

>> Actual Title Buttons [Add new buttons in all windows next to minimize .. close buttons] Settings

>> Classic Shell [Add a toolbar to Windows Explorer and a better Start Menu (optional)] > Settings and icons
=> [ Unzip and copy to
C:\Users\Default\LOGOFF then right click start button > Settings > Load from XML file.. ]

>> Directory Opus [Worlds most powerful Windows file manager ! !] > Settings

>> WinRAR [Powerful unzipper of zip and almost all other compressed files]

>> Fences [Organise your Desktop's shortcuts]

>> Winaero Tweaker - Windows Shortcut Arrow Remover [Remove shortcut arrows from your desktop icons]
> > > > Comes with many Windows tweaking extras
> > > > Instructions: after installing and opening Winaero Tweaker go to File Explorer > Shortcut Arrow

>> Free Download Manager [Download everything from the internet including YouTube videos]

>> LOGOFF [Add: Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Sleep, Switch User shortcuts to desktop]

>> Ultimate Cursor


> Windows 8 is a disaster [Article]

All of the above for Windows 7 are equally useful for Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Below are specific to Windows 8 and Windows 10 only:

>> Windows 7 Calc [Bring back the windows 7 calculator and forget the woeful Windows 10 calculator]

>> UxStyle [Enable Windows theme customization]

>> Aero Glass [Aero glass effects for Windows 8 - 8.1 (Advanced users only)]

>> Aero 8 [Visual Style for Windows 8 by xXiNightXx]

>> Aero 8.1 [Aero 8 Visual Style for Windows 8.1 by xXiNightXx]


> Following are zipped Registry files. If in doubt rightclick them and click edit to view:

>> Disable Enable Win 8 login screen [It's the 1st wallpaper you see that you have to click everytime, after turning on PC]

>> Disable Enable Win 10 login screen [It's the 1st wallpaper you see that you have to click everytime, after turning on PC]

>> Make Win 8 Win 10 scroll bars FAT [Install AFTER making text smaller > Control Panel > Display - In Windows 10 install TWICE]

>> Disable Win 10 Spyware from Microsoft - 1 - [Microsoft is using Windows 10 hidden software to spy on your Internet Activity]

>> Disable Win 10 Spyware from Microsoft - 2 - [Microsoft is using Windows 10 hidden software to spy on your Internet Activity]
> > > > Instructions: after installing and opening Winaero Tweaker go to Privacy > Disable Telemetry



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